The Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) is a cross-industry approach to lay the groundwork for more efficient and effective information exchange in supply networks. SCORVoc is an OWL vocabulary which fully formalizes the latest SCOR standard, while overcoming identified limitations of existing formalizations.

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Example Process

scor:exampleProcess a        		   scor:DeliverStockedProduct ;
			        :hasCommitDate     "2015-11-05" ;
			        :hasSupplier       "Sangio Sugar Factory" ;
			        :product           "Raw sugar" ;
			        :processId         "2ad9380f-1eb4-4595-857b-1bcf874621bb" ;

			        scor:hasMetricRL_33 "90" ;  # Delivery Item Accuracy
			        scor:hasMetricRL_34 "100" . # Delivery Location Accuracy


Preferred prefix identifier: scor Vocabulary namespace:

Test Dataset

See /generator for more information


SCORVoc is planned as the basis for the SCMApp. SCMApp provides a Web Interface Configurator to manage Supply Chains.


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