Standards Ontology (STO)

This repository host the development of the Standard Ontology. The Standards Ontology is used for describing standards and their relations. Characteristics of I4.0 standards are described and these descriptions are exploited for classifying standards from different perspectives according to reference architectures development in different countries. Moreover, semantics encoded in the Standard Ontology allows for the discovery of relations between I4.0 standards, and for mappings across reference architectures proposed by different industrial communities such as RAMI, NIST, etc.

Reused Vocabularies

To build the Standard Ontology, as well as to populate it we have reused the following vocabularies

Reference Architectures

Reference Architecture Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0)
Standards Landscape for Smart Manufacturing Systems
National Smart Manufacturing Standards Architecture Construction Guidance


Standards Ontology is licensed under Creative Common License 3